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Xfinity – Customer “No Service”

Xfinity – Horrible Experience I have an 88 year-old customer who recently asked me to help him change his TV service. He was getting frustrated by the pricing changes he kept seeing from Xfinity, his current provider. He wanted to find out more info on DirecTV. This past Saturday we commenced our research. We first […]

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Googles is archiving Life Magazine Photos

Google has begin making available never-before-seen images from the LIFE photo archive. This effort to bring offline images online was inspired by Google’s mission to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This collection of newly-digitized images includes photos and etchings produced and owned by LIFE dating all the way […]

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News from Comcast

Hello everyone. Saw the press release below today, and I know so many people in OR & WA who have Comcast internet. Thought you might be interested: Beaverton, ORE – November 17, 2008 Comcast, the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services, today announced it is making the leap from broadband […]

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Firewalls made easy

Most everyone has heard the term “Firewall” being used, but a lot of people do not know what a firewall does, or why it is so important to have one.A firewall is your most important line of defense between your computer and the Internet. You basically want the Great Wall of China between your computer […]

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Safe Surfing for the Youngsters

The internet is a wonderful source of information. I could not do my job without it, and quite frankly, could not imagine being without it. Considering the fact that I grew up without it, and never heard of the internet until I was in my 30’s, it’s pretty amazing how big a part of my […]

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How to Know if Websites are Safe

I was prompted to write this post after a family member of mine experienced massive problems on their computer, after downloading a game from the internet. Be wary of sites that ask for your personal information. Unless you trust a site completely, it is a very bad idea to give out your name, email address, […]

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