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Wireless Wi-Fi Router in front of Ocean extreme closeup. 3d Rendering

Is Your Home Wi-Fi Keeping Up?

Wi-Fi has forever changed the way we live, work and play. We can surf the internet on the couch or by the pool, look up a recipe in an instant, and even connect our lights to voice control. It’s no wonder it was accepted with open arms, but is your Wi-Fi as good as it […]

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Monday - written in sand on beach texture, soft wave of the sea.

Diva News 12/11/2017

Happy December 11th to you! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we woke up this morning to clear skies and sub freezing temperatures. We have been living under a blanket of sunshine for several days now, and that is something that is rare for us in December. We take it when we can get it. Here […]

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Opened hard drive over a white background
** Note: Shallow depth of field

What to Do if Your Hard Drive Fails

If your hard drive is going bad, chances are strange things are happening and you’re a little panicked. It’s where you put your digital memories, your household files and maybe that thesis you’ve been working on for months. As far as you’re concerned, that hard drive IS the computer and failure is not an option. […]

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Young man cleaning computer monitor in office

Get Back to Brand New with a Refreshed Computer

Remember how well your computer ran when you first brought it home? It was booting so fast, files were whizzing around at light speed, and no matter how many tabs you had open, nothing was slowing that baby down. It was spotless, inside and out. Then one day you turned it on and everything was […]

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How to Search Google Safely

We all love our Google, quickly finding everything we need on the Internet. It’s replaced dictionaries, encyclopedias, instruction manuals, newspapers and in many cases, even doctors. However, sometimes your search results aren’t the real thing and can be downright malicious. Here’s how to search Google safely: Pay attention to the URL in Google Below every […]

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Bcdr - Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Most Businesses Won’t Survive a Disaster. Could Yours?

With the crazy weather we’re seeing, natural disasters on the rise and cyber terrorism echoing for years, it’s not a case of ‘if’ a disaster will strike your business, but ‘when’. Surprisingly, it’s not the scope and scale of the event that influences how deeply your business is impacted, it’s your business continuity plan. Put […]

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small business: happy owner of a stationery shop

3 Tech Tips to Make You a Better Business Owner

There’s no doubt about it, business can be tough! You’re juggling employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders…the list is endless. You’re also operating in a competitive, high-tech economy that keeps trying to speed ahead without you. It’s no wonder you’re craving ways to get ahead of the competition, cut costs, boost productivity and dreaming of a vacation. […]

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