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Know your Computer Parts

Over the years, in speaking with all kinds of people, I have noticed a distinct disconnect in how people categorize computer parts. For instance, many people will refer to their “hard drive” as the entire computer. I have had people begin conversations with me with “My hard drive is not working correctly”. When digging a […]

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PC Performance Enhancing Tools

Is your computer sluggish? Do you feel like you are wading through molasses whenever you use your computer? It could be that a simple defrag of your hard drive is all you need to speed up the performance of your computer.Files on your computer are stored in chunks. When you create a Word or Excel […]

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Create a Contact from an email message

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for shortcuts. When I receive an email from someone who is not in my contact list, I want to add that email address as easily and quickly as possible. Here is how you can do this: Open or preview the e-mail message that contains the name […]

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How to Backup your Outlook Email

If you are anything like me, you keep all of your email, contacts, calendar items, and notes in Microsoft Outlook. Tell me honestly. . . .how would you feel if all of that information just disappeared? I can tell you right now. . . .I would be lost. So let’s talk about how to back […]

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Cleansing your PC of Spyware and Adware

No matter how careful you are with your web surfing, you are bound to sometimes get unwanted spyware or adware loaded into your PC. It is best to get into the habbit of running spyware/adware deletion/cleanup programs on a regular basis. Good housekeeping habits with your computer will prevent you a ton of trouble down […]

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How to Know if Websites are Safe

I was prompted to write this post after a family member of mine experienced massive problems on their computer, after downloading a game from the internet. Be wary of sites that ask for your personal information. Unless you trust a site completely, it is a very bad idea to give out your name, email address, […]

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