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I need help managing my passwords!

Dear ComputerDiva,I access quite a few websites that require a login and password. I am having a very hard time remembering all the websites, logins and passwords.At first I wrote them on a sticky note and pasted them to my monitor. However, that hardly seems secure. Then I wrote them down on one piece of […]

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Firewalls made easy

Most everyone has heard the term “Firewall” being used, but a lot of people do not know what a firewall does, or why it is so important to have one.A firewall is your most important line of defense between your computer and the Internet. You basically want the Great Wall of China between your computer […]

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PC Performance Enhancing Tools

Is your computer sluggish? Do you feel like you are wading through molasses whenever you use your computer? It could be that a simple defrag of your hard drive is all you need to speed up the performance of your computer.Files on your computer are stored in chunks. When you create a Word or Excel […]

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Cleansing your PC of Spyware and Adware

No matter how careful you are with your web surfing, you are bound to sometimes get unwanted spyware or adware loaded into your PC. It is best to get into the habbit of running spyware/adware deletion/cleanup programs on a regular basis. Good housekeeping habits with your computer will prevent you a ton of trouble down […]

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