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Don’t spend another minute wondering what to do about your techno-problem. Contact the ComputerDiva right away and you can sit back and relax because help is on the way. Three options exist to get in touch with me:

Make an appointment – if you need to schedule time with me, cut to the chase and make an appointment.  Sure, you can call or email me and ask for an appointment, but then we start a back and forth on comparing good days and times for me to help you.

If you go to my online calendar, you have the info right in front of you on when I am available to help.  Many times I have open slots the same day.  I even have a category for a quick question, which sets you up for a 15 minute phone call with me.  When you make an appointment, it puts that appointment right on my calendar and I get a text message letting me know of your request.  It is so easy!

Call 360-567-8838.  Keep in mind that I am usually on the phone with a client doing remote work, or sometimes on site with a client, performing a task.  Out of respect for my clients, I will not answer the phone during an onsite appointment. I am also not a fan of talking on the phone while driving.  This leaves me a very small window every day to return my phone calls.

Or, use the contact form below.  It will go into my client tracking system, set up a ticket, and I will get a text message letting me know of your request.  It is really helpful if you could be as detailed as possible about the issue you need help with.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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