Diva TuneUP

In today’s technology landscape, malware and ransomware is ubiquitous.  Every time you turn around you hear reports of the latest scams in the news.  Put the worry of computer safety in the hands of the experts.

Our Diva TuneUP comes with and without managed AntiVirus software.  See below for what is included in the Diva TnueUP.

Our Managed AntiVirus program provides you will award winning antivirus software.  Our engine uses Emsisoft AntiVirus, the award-winning antimalware software that protects against Ransomware, Bots/Backdoors, Banking Trojans, PUP’s and much more.  Emsisoft includes Surf Protection, Real-Time File Blocker, and Behavoior Guard.

Diva TuneUP with Managed AntiVirus Packages

Annual Plan W/ Managed AV

24/7 Built-In Trouble Ticket Form
24/7 Alert Monitoring
Daily Health Checks
Managed AntiVirus
Regular Virus Scans
Full Diva TuneUP

TuneUP Only

$49One Time Fee
Full system analysis for problem areas
Malware scan and cleanup
Removal of all temp files and unnecessary log files
Registry cleaning
Windows Update Check
Third party software updates, such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, etc.
Disk fragmentation check
Tweaking of start-up items

Managed AntiVirus Only

Managed AntiVirus
Regular Virus Scans

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