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Add your Starbucks card to Passbook

The Apple Passbook app, released in IOS 6, has been less than stellar so far. I think this is an app with great promise, but was released with very little substance.

The digital wallet app is designed to store plane and train tickets, movie passes, rewards cards, and coupons. On Wednesday, Starbucks released an update to it’s IOS app to allow you to add your Starbucks cards to Passbook.  Here is how you do so:

  1. Update your Starbucks app on your iPhone to the latest version.

  2. Launch the Starbucks app and go to Card.  You will be prompted to add your card to Passbook, as well as add your favorite Starbucks locations.

I have not tested using Starbucks through Passbook yet (On vacation and no Starbucks around), but I will be testing it this weekend.  I do know that when I now open Passbook, my Starbucks card opens and I cannot see anything else in Passbook.  Not sure if this is because my Starbucks card is the only thing in my Passbook, or if this is a bug.  Time will tell.

All-in-all, the Passbook app is not intuitive at all, and in my opinion, not useful.

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