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Picture this in your mind, if you will. My laptop in my home office has two USB ports. I have more than two USB Devices. I have a mouse, printer, external hard drive, my camera, and my iPod dock that all operate utilizing USB. So what do you do when you have 5 USB devices and only 2 USB ports?

I have attached a USB hub to my laptop. It is a box that has 5 USB ports on it, and it plugs into one of the USB ports on my laptop.

However, this means that I still have a wire going to my laptop from the USB hub. This also means that all my USB devices must live in close proximity to my USB Hub. This makes me crazy. I have a large desk, but I try very hard to keep it uncluttered (try is the operative word here, I rarely achieve this).

I would like to take all these devices and put them on a shelf in my office closet. It would be simple for me to run an extension cord into the closet to give the printer and the external hard drive the power it needs. This will take me one step closer to a cleaner desk.

This is where the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set comes into play. The adapters are equipped with a chip that allows wired USB devices to work with wireless USB.

The brand new adapter consists of two wireless USB “dongles”. One, of course, you connect to your computer, the other you attach to the USB device.

One important aspect to mention with the wireless USB dongle kit is that you don’t need to buy a dongle for each device, which would render the solution unsuitable for recommendation. You can connect the dongle to your current USB hub and plug all your other USB devices into the hub to make it almost like a wireless router, for USB ports.

Costing anywhere from $79 to $99 the wireless USB dongle is a positive look towards the future of wireless hardware. It’s a handy item to pick up if you’re finding yourself with a cluttered workspace.

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