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Diva Takeaway #3

My day started with a 6 AM conference call with brainiacs from Microsoft and Appriver. Our goal? To fix a SharePoint sync issue on a computer.

What is Sharepoint? It is an awesome feature of Office 365 for Business. It gives you the ability to set up cloud storage in several different buckets. You can assign permissions on each bucket for specific users. It is awesome!

On this one computer, it would not sync. We now have it syncing, but we also have some missing features.

I was so impressed by the knowledge of those Microsoft folks on this mornings conference call. Grumble all you want about Microsoft, they have some real talent working there.

I then transitioned into a new computer installation for one of my commercial clients. The computer I was installing was one of the Lenovo Tiny’s that I currently have on sale. They are awesome computers. Compact, and super fast! Depending on the complexity of the computer, a new computer installation can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. This one was 3. This is the type of job I love.

I then switched to my next job, which was a Windows 10 computer with a wonky Windows update. I have seen several of these recently, and the update is not pretty. I had to do a refresh on the computer. Whic is simply a reinstall of the operating system, without erasing the data. 3 hours later, I was hopping in the car and dashing back to my office.

Next up was an iMac with a nasty pop-up window claiming the computer had a virus. This was a quick and simple fix.

If you called me today and I have not yet returned the call, I promise to have you at the top of my call back list tomorrow morning.

An awesome evening to you all!

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