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Diva Takeaway #4

It was a 12 hour day, with 23 client requests coming in, and me trying to address them as soon as possible.

  1. The 6 AM start time, working on 3 client issues remotely, making a bit of progress on each one.

  2. The plotter that would not print, but by a miracle started printing as soon as I got on the phone with the client.

  3. The SharePoint sync issue from yesterday that I continued to work on this morning.

  4. The computer at the salon that suffered a bad update, that I had to rebuild yesterday. This morning trying to get the salon software to install without errors. Still working on this one.

  5. The client who received a bogus text message, and as a result allowed a technician into her comptuer. A system restore fixed this one up.

  6. The client having trouble installing Turbo Tax. Got this resolved.

  7. The computer that would not print because of a random “white background space” setting in the printer driver.

Days like today leave my mind feeling like a bowl of jello without whipped cream. They leave me still trying to figure out what the daily takeaway is. What words of wisdom do I have for you after a day like today? No matter what, carve out some time for relaxation

KNOW that I work relentlessly to figure out and fix all your technology issues.

Tomorrow is another day.

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