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Diva Takeaway #6

March 12th, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! And here in the Pacific Northwest, it was a gloriously sunny and warm day. High 60’s, and dry, makes us all happy.

Nine new requests from clients today, and 18 existing requests closed. A VERY busy day.

My morning, between 6:00 and 1:30 was a whirlwind of phone calls and various fixes.

Once done with the morning phone calls, I headed out to see a Diva Care client. Her laptop was mangled when a suitcase fell out of the overhead bins on an airplane. So my task was to set up the new laptop.

On EVERY new computer install, I have an issue with a password. Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox, Mozy, etc. It never fails that the documented password will not work.

So, my takeaway today has to do with passwords. First, for the foreseeable future, they are not going away. I think we all agree that passwords are a royal pain. BUT, it is imperative that your passwords be documented. The method you use is up to you. You can use a paper address book, and a lot of people do. But make sure you keep it updated. (Use a pencil).

Or, you can use a software based password management app. Dashlane, 1Password, etc. The choice is up to you. I use Dashlane, and love it. If nothing else, it is a log of all your logins and passwords.

I CAN say that at least 20-30 minutes of every new computer installation is consumed with recovering lost passwords. That is a good chunk of change that could stay in your pocket. It can buy you a nice dinner out somewhere.

AND, just because you dont have to type a password to get into your email, does not mean you do not have an email password. EVERY email account has a password. It is just that desktop based email software stores your password and enters it for you each time you open the software.

Tomorrow, we are expecting a shift in the weather, and rain is moving in. Typical pre-spring weather here in what we call God’s country.

Just a reminder, if you want to get an appointment with me, the best way is to head on over to my online calendar. It gives you full control over setting up your appointment with me.

Onward to Tuesday!

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