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Five Easy Tech Travel Tips

What time is it? It is Vacation Time! Travelling soon? For most people, this also means making sure your tech is packed and ready for the adventure. Most of our devices are so light and portable, that you would never think of leaving them behind. Additionally, they can add a ton of value to your experience.

Here are a few tips to consider before you hit the road.

1. Backup to the cloud

While you are travelling the globe, having tons of fun, your tech is at risk at every turn. This might range from accidentally leaving your laptop at a cafe to having it stolen from your bag. But either way the problem is the same – your data is now gone. If you’ve backed up your devices to the cloud, you’ll be able to access your files easily and securely from anywhere.

Hot tip: Scan or save important documents like itineraries and passports to the cloud.

2. Pack the right cables

Begging random strangers for a loaner cable isn’t much fun. Planning ahead to bring the cables you need is essential. Most smartphones and tablets use universal plugs, so you can get away with only packing one cable. Many locations now offer powered USB ports which is a convenience you’ll appreciate. If you’re travelling overseas, remember to pack a plug converter. Depending on your destination, you might even find the voltage is different. It’s a good idea to check whether you also need a voltage converter before you try and charge.

3. Download offline data

It’s no secret that global roaming can give nasty bill shocks. At home we are all used to easy access data through our wifi, and we enjoy constant connection. While travelling, you might find yourself in a location where data costs a fortune or it’s not available at all. Plan ahead and download any files you might need while on the road. Files such as itineraries and bookings.

4. Update and scan

Just like you’d make sure you’ve got the right vaccinations and travel gear, make sure your tech is ready to travel too. Set aside a few minutes to run updates for your operating systems and apps, as well as your anti-virus. Go one step further and run a manual anti-virus scan too. The last thing you want to deal with one your trip is a cyber attack! Turn on password protection for all devices so that only you can unlock them.

Tip: Use a complex password that is hard for thieves to guess.

5. Mark your territory

Almost exactly the way it sounds, let everyone know this tech belongs to you. Write your cell number on portable devices in case you get separated. Whoever finds it can give you a quick call and save the day. Don’t want to use permanent marker on your shiny tech? Grab some sticky labels you can peel off when you get home.

Bluetooth tracking devices can be purchased to stick to your gear. If you ever lose something you can chase it down easily with these devices. You might also like to consider enabling the ‘find my feature on Apple devices. This feature also allows you to disable your device remotely. This is an excellent security option if a device has been stolen.

Need help preparing your tech for travel? Give us a call at 360-567-8838

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