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Help! Where do I find my favorite features for Word 2007?

I have talked to many people who have made the leap to Office 2007. Most of them have struggled to find the basic tools they used to use in previous versions of Word.

Imagine needing to get a report done on a tight deadline, with your boss breathing down your neck wanting to know why you dont have the report done yet. Sound familiar? I think we have all experienced the “out of control” boss who wants everything now.

If we remember the basic navigation principles of Word 2007, finding our favorite features and commands will become easier.

Our basic navigation tool are:

The OfficeButton

The Quick Access Toolbar

The Ribbon

Listed below are some basic commands, and where you are going to find them in Word 2007:

New Document – Office Button-New Open Document – Office Button-Open Close Document – Office Button-Close Save Document – Quick Access Toolbar – Save Save As – Office Button-Save As Page Setup – Page Layout Tab on Ribbon – Print Preview Print Preview – Office Button-Print-Print Preview Print – Office Button-Print Send To – Office Button-Send-Email Cut – Home Tab on Ribbon-Clipboard-Cut Copy – Home Tab on Ribbon-Clipboard-Cut Paste – Home Tab on Ribbon-Clipborad-Cut

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