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IOS 6: Phone Enhancements

IOS 6 was released by Apple yesterday, and ComputerDiva headquarters has been busy learning as much as we can about all of the over 200+ enhancements.

Today, I want to highlight one of the feature enhancements. Many of our customers are solopreneurs, running their businesses out of a home office. This can be challenging on many levels. Expenses need to be kept down, yet at the same time, maintain a level of professionalism.

As a result, I have a lot of solo customers who use their iPhone as their only phone, for both at home and at the home office.  When your day is done, you want to be able to leave your phone on and take personal calls, yet at the same time have customer calls go to voicemail.  Everyone needs downtime and a few hours in the evening to relax.

IOS 6 has a feature called Do Not Disturb, that suppresses all of your incoming calls and notifications.  The nice thing about Do Not Disturb is that you can set a schedule for when it gets turned on or off.  For instance, if you need a few hours in the evening to chill and relax, schedule the Do No Disturb to go on at 6 and off at 9, or on at 6 and off at 8 the next morning.

However, Do No Disturb can be overridden.  You can  set Do No Disturb to go on at a set time every day, but still let calls or notifications from contacts on your Favorites list to come through.  Or create a group of contacts and allow calls or notifications from that group to still come through.  It is perfect, as it allows calls from customers to come through during working hours, but it also lets your phone revert to a personal phone after hours.

Do Not Disturb settings are in Settings, with a Do Not Disturb On/Off switch.  Go into Notifications right below this switch and choose Do No Disturb.  This is where you can set the schedule and who to allow calls from.

Other phone enhancements allow you to swipe up when an incoming call arrives and see options for replying with a message, or set a reminder to call that person back later.

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