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Spontaneity Doesn’t Always Ensure Success

Today, I found myself with a bit of free time between appointments, so I began pondering what I could do with that free time.  I asked myself  “What is the thing you would most like to spend this free moment of time doing?”.  Not, what should I be doing, or what errand should I be running.  What phone call should I be returning, or email I should be composing. This was unplanned time that opened up at the last minute.

Considering the fact that the day prior was a 12 hour work day, I felt I needed to just do something that would make me happy, and not be about business.  I decided to be spontaneous.  I sent a text to a friend in the area, asking if she wanted to meet for a quick cup of coffee.  This was a leap of faith on my part.  Taking a leap of faith though, requires a few things to be true beforehand.

One, do not be attached to the outcome of the leap.  If you are attached to the outcome, you have a 50-50 chance of being disappointed.  That disappointment will sometimes end up in your taking the outcome personally.

Two, have a “Plan B” in the wings, just because of that above mentioned 50-50 chance of the leap not going the way you want it to.  Wily E. Coyote jumped off a lot of cliffs, and ended up at the bottom, but got back up to leap off another cliff, seemingly unhurt.

So, how did my leap turn out?  Turns out my friend was in the middle of errands and could not meet for coffee.  But that was OK.  I had my “Plan B” destination waiting in the wings, which by the way, fell through as well.  However, I was crafty enough to actually have a “Plan C”.

However, as I was driving to Plan B, my friend called me, and we got to spend 20 minutes chatting while we were both driving to our destinations.  Because I was not tied to the outcome, the universe delivered the best possible solution to me, in the form of a phone call.

Many of us have road maps for our lives that we follow.  However, you need to be willing sometimes to be spontaneous and put that road map down and get wonderfully lost.  And then have confidence in your ability to find your way out.

With Love, my friends!

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