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"Staying Safe on Social Media: A Cybersecurity Guide for Small Businesses

Social media is a great way for small businesses to talk about what's new and connect with customers. But, posting certain things on sites like Facebook and Instagram can make your business a target for hackers.

As someone who runs a business, you might want to tell people about new stuff you're selling, special events, or your new team members. But, sharing too much info can give hackers hints on how to break into your systems. Even a couple of careless posts could end up costing you a lot later on.

Be Careful About Sharing Info on Your Tech Problems

If your system for taking payments goes down, it's not a good idea to talk about it online. You might want to keep your customers in the loop, but saying too much could attract scammers.

For instance, if you can't process credit cards online, you might start taking payments by hand and deal with them later. But, hackers might see this as a chance to use stolen or cancelled cards because you won't know the payment is bad until it's too late.

Also, talking about the specific software or tech you use can give hackers what they need to target you. They could find out the weaknesses in your tech and plan attacks. It's safer to keep quiet about these details online.

New Employees Could Attract Hackers

Announcing a new employee on social media might accidentally make them a target. New hires might not know how to handle security threats, making it easier for hackers to trick them.

Hackers could pretend to be someone they work with or offer fake help over the phone to get into your business's network. It might be better to wait on announcing new people until they know more about staying safe online.

Be Careful with What Shows Up in Photos

When you share pictures to promote your business, make sure there's nothing sensitive showing up in the background. Things like passwords on sticky notes or unseen products should stay private. Hackers are good at picking up details from pictures, so check your photos carefully before posting.

Keep Using Social Media Wisely

Social media can really help small businesses grow, but sharing too much could invite trouble from hackers.

Stay active online but think carefully about what you're posting. Being aware of the risks can help you use social media safely while still reaching out to customers and growing your business.

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