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The Best Way to Buy New Computers

You’ve decided to buy a new computer for your business, perhaps even a whole set of computers. You can almost taste the excitement as you think about those sleek new machines. And just imagine how much faster your employees will be able to do their work! There’s one thing left to do: actually choose which computers you want. That’s where it gets tricky. Many folks visit the local retail store and get overwhelmed. All of the different display models, with so many options. Then the salesperson starts throwing words like CPU and RAM around. That scenario almost always ends up with your business having the wrong computer. Here’s why, and what you should do instead.

Most retail sales people are minimally trained

Salespeople are trained to sell! They may have an interest in computers, but they have no formal computer training. Their goal is to make the sale, earn the commission and go home happy. Getting the computer that suits your business purpose is not high on their priority list. They’re not equipped to deeply understand the way your business works, nor do they have the time to find out. You’re also more likely to be up sold extras you don’t need but will rapidly drain your budget.

Compatibility can be a problem

Most of us know that having both Mac and PC can lead to compatibility issues. But even switching brands within your PC network can cause issues. Your business network has many different moving parts. Printers, routers, laptops and mobile payment processors, just to mention a few. Anytime you throw a new computer into the mix you could end up with compatibility problems. Salespeople don’t know your current setup. but may still make recommendations based on assumptions and hopeful guesswork. Even the number and types of ports available on retail computers may cause a problem once you’re setting up.

The last thing you want to do is end up with a collection of wobbly adapter plugs as you attempt to course-correct. Then you are left to make do until it’s time for a do-over. Any time your employees need to go off-book, productivity will take a hit. It’s best to skip the drama and get the right computer first time around.

Support could get tricky

Your IT provider has vendors they deal with who have the right systems for your needs. Systems that deploy parts that are proven to last the test of time. We know which parts will work together. And should something fail, we can usually get replacements quickly. Your IT budget goes further with your consultant, and not just on the day of purchase.

When you buy computers through your IT provider, you know you’re getting quality computers. We know your business inside and out, including your long and short-term goals. From the first time you work with us, we’ll be sure to do our research before making a recommendation. You want your computers to last 3-4 years of heavy usage, so it’s also a good idea to buy business-grade computers. Computers at the retail store are shiny, but they’re never as durable a business class equipment.

Your IT provider will also be able to set the new computers up, ready to go with the exact software you need. We’ll strip out all unnecessary programs. Then we will configure your new computers to work perfectly from day 1. Your employees will be able to enjoy their new systems, and be more productive.

We can help with your next purchase – ask us how by calling us at 360-567-8838!

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