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In my years of work with technology and computers, I have learned and adopted some spiritual practices that assist me in working with technology. When I work on a computer that needs repair, usually due to a virus, I have been know to use certain crystals, such as Sodalite and Mahogany or Black Obsidian. I sometime use Reiki on a computer that has a virus. I rely heavily on Archangel Michael to work with me in the computer cleanup.

Then I got the guidance to create the Technology Candle. Why not incorporate Archangel Michael, crystals, soothing and calming oils, and put it all into a candle that you can burn when you are having issues with your technology!

This Technology Candle was created with you in mind. It is made from the highest quality soy wax and infused with the energies of specifically chosen herbs, oils and gemstones.

  • Lavender for calming and soothing the area and the energies that come into contact with your technology.
  • Sage for blessing and cleansing the area and all energies.
  • Rose for surrounding the area with love and compassion.
  • Sodalite absorbs electromagnetic pollution keeping both user and technology safe.
  • Black obsidian pulls out negative energies of both user and system.
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