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Beware the CryptoLocker Virus

A new variant on an old virus is being spread. The CryptoLocker virus is similar to the ransonware we have been seeing the past several months, but it packs a powerful punch. What does it do? With the CryptoLocker virus, you will get a screen on your computer, similar to the photo above. It is […]

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XP End of Life

Windows XP End of Life

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft will cease to support Windows XP. No more patches will be released on Patch Tuesdays (2nd Tuesday of every month) for Windows XP. What does this mean? If you have a computer that is running Windows XP, the attackers out there will have the advantage over you. Any security holes […]

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Annoying Toolbars!

They are taking up space! One of the most asked questions I get, is “how did I get all these toolbars in my browser?” You have all probably seen it.  You open up Internet Explorer or Firefox, sometimes even Chrome, and you see a bunch of toolbars at the top of the screen. They take […]

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Adobe, You Have Gone Too Far

Yes, this is exactly how I felt when I recently received an email from a client asking if an Adobe update can also include a virus. The more I dug into the questions, the more I discovered that yes, indeed, installing an Adobe update on your computer can also carry a payload of malware. For […]

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The Scary Truth About Malware

Drive By Malware In my experience, most virus/malware infections get into your computer through infected websites.  If you visit an infected website, it will try to download malware onto your computer. This is generally referred to as “Drive by Malware”. Other forms of malware are: 1.     Spyware – tracks websites you visit and […]

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