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Easy Password concept.  My password 123456 written on a paper with marker.

Got a Bad Case of Password Exhaustion?

Deploy Strong Passwords You’re not alone! Most people use the same password everywhere – home, work, Gmail, Facebook… even for banking. Considering how many passwords we’re expected to remember and use on a daily basis, password exhaustion is a very real thing. It’s no wonder that when yet another prompt for a password appears, users […]

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Dear Diva: I Need Help Remembering Passwords!

Dear Diva, I was talking to a group of people, and the discussion turned to passwords and how hard it is to keep track of all of them. One person said she swears by a “program” from www.1password.com. It costs $50, and supposedly creates and remembers all your passwords for you. Somehow, I don’t need […]

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