The BEST Way To Contact Me

My goal is to help as many people as I can. I also want to make sure that you get your questions answered in a timely manner. For this reason, I am offering you some guidelines on the best way to contact me to get your computer fixed, and your questions answered.

Use My Online Calendar

The absolute BEST way to get my attention and get some help, is to go to my online calendar and schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that during the day, I am either on the phone with a client, or onsite with a client. I have very little time during the day to return phone calls or respond to email requests.

My online calendar has some great options, and even options for a quick question. You really will get much faster service from me if you use the online calendar. AND, it puts you in control of the experience.

Call if you have an emergency

An emergency is defined as your computer being down and you cannot run your business. This rarely happens.

With my phone, I have visual voice mail, which means I can read your voice mail as well as listen to it. I can quickly determine, even if I am with a client, if your voice mail is an emergency situation. I will then move mountains to get you taken care of.

If your voice mail is a simple question, or a request for an appointment, it could be hours until I get back to you. Use the online calendar to schedule time with me.

Use my Help Desk

I have an awesome piece of software that I use to track all the details of my clients, their computers, and their requests for help. If you send an email to, your email will go directly onto your account and I will get a notification of your request. Again, if it is a question or a request for an appointment, please use my online calendar. My online calendar will send that request to my help desk software.

Please Do Not Text

If you have an emergency, please feel free to text me. Please refer to my definition above of an emergency. Otherwise, please do not text me.

Do Not Use Social Media to Contact Me

I will not respond to requests that come through any form of social media. It is not a good way to reach me.

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