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We live in confusing and scary times when it comes to the health and security of our computers and technology. Ransomware is a huge threat. Pop-up windows claim your computer is infected with viruses. Phone calls from Microsoft impostors manipulate and scare you into releasing your credit card information. Programs and apps show up on your computer without your knowledge. Your browsers become infected with plugins, from out of nowhere. Where does the average user of computers turn for relief, help and protection?

Diva Care.

I designed Diva Care specifically to bring ease and peace of mind to you and your computer. Diva Care will automatically update your computer software, scan for viruses and malware and instantly fix any problems, regularly do PC TuneUPS, monitor for important alerts, and so much more (see the list of services under each Diva Care product). At the end of every month you will receive a report of your computer health.

Diva Care is an application that lets us monitor your computer’s health so we can proactively solve your issues before they escalate into larger issues. Stuff is going to happen to your computer that puts it at risk or requires attention, like viruses, new software updates or data breaches. Diva Care alerts us to potential problems so they can be resolved quickly.


We care about you and your computer. Let us help.

Diva Care is:

Worry Free Care.
Trustworthy Care.
Protective Care.

Diva Care Packages

Diva Care

The "I have a good handle on my computer health, but want a little bit of monitoring, and the 5% labor discount" plan!
24/7 Built-in Help Request
Remote Access
24/7 Monitoring
5% Remote Support Discount

Diva Care

The "I need help with maintenance and monitoring on my computer, but do not need all the bells and whistle of the Pro version, but the labor discount is cool" plan.
24/7 Built-in Help Request
Remote Access
24/7 Monitoring
Windows Updates
3rd Party Automatic Updates
10% Remote Support Discount

Diva Care

The "I need help with all my computer maintenance, as I am a busy professional with no time, or I am an individual who just wants someone else to handle this for me" plan.
24/7 Built-in Help Request
Remote Access
24/7 Monitoring
Windows Updates
3rd Party Automatic Updates
AntiVirus/AntiMalware Software
Weekly TuneUP’s
Remote Support Included


How do I pay for Diva Care?

The preferable method is to use your credit card. It can go on your account and be automatically charged every month. Your credit card information is encrypted and stored safely at the credit card processing company, and is not revealed in my software.

Will I notice any disruption to my computer while Diva Care is running?

No, Diva Care runs in the background, taking up very little of your computer resources. When Windows Updates are installed, you may be asked to reboot your computer. You can say no, and then you will be reminded in 1 hour to reboot. The reminders will continue until the reboot takes place.

What if I need to call with a questions. Will I be charged extra?

In most cases, with Diva Care Pro, no. Any maintenance related phone call is all part of Diva Care. For instance, you call to say your internet browser is not working. Covered. You call to say your computer is running slow. Covered. You call to ask a question that starts with “How do I” will most likely not be covered. Diva Care is automated maintenance, so any maintenance item is covered. Instructional related questions are not covered. If there is a hardware issue, the cost of replacement hardware is not covered.

Diva Care Lite, and Diva Care Free offer a discount of the regular labor charges for any maintenance calls or questions.

Do I have to leave my computer on all the time?

Not at all! Diva Care runs in the background and performs maintenance while your computer is on. Turn it off, or leave it on. It makes no difference.

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