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At ComputerDiva, we're dedicated to making your tech experience enjoyable and hassle-free. Let us be your go-to source for friendly assistance, innovative solutions, and valuable insights to help you navigate the digital world with ease.

Our Mission 

Mary Burger, Founder and CEO

Mary has more than 35+ years of experience in information technology.

She specializes in the health, security and protection of personal and professional computer and technological systems. ComputerDiva, along with her Diva Care line of products was created to ensure the internet safety and well being of both owner and computer. Her purpose is to bring confidence, knowledge and peace of mind to the user of PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones.

Mary prides herself in offering personal expert computer repair and technology assistance without the techno speak. When you need friendly, informative and secure computer help, call on the expert – call ComputerDiva.

All About Us

Where Technology Meets Heart: Nurturing Your Digital World with Care

Hey there! Let me tell you a bit about my journey in the tech world—it's been quite the ride! So, picture this: it's the mid-1980s, and I dive headfirst into the fascinating realm of technology. Fast forward to 2009, and I decide to take a leap of faith, waving goodbye to the corporate scene and launching my very own venture, ComputerDiva.

Initially, I started off with what you might call a "break/fix" approach. You know the drill—your computer decides to throw a tantrum, and I swoop in like a tech superhero to save the day. But after a few years of playing the fixer-upper role, I had an epiphany. There had to be a better, more proactive way to keep computers in tip-top shape.

That's when the magic happened. I began implementing specific tools to keep my clients' computers in check, and voilà—Diva Care was born! It's like giving your computer a spa day every month, ensuring it stays happy and healthy.

Nowadays, I straddle both worlds—the classic break/fix scenario and the revolutionary Diva Care maintenance program. And let me tell you, the difference is night and day. Clients who enroll in Diva Care experience smooth sailing with their computers—they run like well-oiled machines, with fewer hiccups compared to those left to fend for themselves.

So, if you want to give your computer the royal treatment and bid farewell to pesky tech troubles, Diva Care is where it's at. Trust me, your computer will thank you later!

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