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Solutions that meet your needs!

Computer Repair

We call this Break/Fix.  Your computer breaks, and we fix it.  We can deploy a variety of techniques to keep your computers running efficiently.

  • Computer running slow?  Try a Diva TuneUP.

  • Need a few more years of life out of your computer?  We will add more memory and install a Solid State Drive (SSD).

  • Think your computer has a virus?  Utilize our virus removal and eradication services.

  • Need help setting up your new computer?  We will help you set up your new computer, install software, configure printers, and migrate your data.

Computer Sales

  • Confused about what to purchase?  Let us assist you in making a choice for your new technology.  We have years of experience in technology purchasing.  Let us go to work for you.

Small Business

Small businesses need to have just as much support as the larger businesses do. Allow us to be sure that your technology is set up properly and that your data is secure and protected so that you can focus on what is most important: your passion.


Technology is one of the most important facets of our lives today. Busy families need to be sure that their homes technology is running smooth and secure. This includes all devices, from phones, to tablets, desktops and laptops. We work will them all.

Diva Care Membership

Peace of mind for your computer:

Security and Backups

We love technology, and are passionate about making sure you love it too!

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