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5 Signs Your Computer is Crying Out for Repair

It’s pretty obvious when your computer is already broken, but how do you know when it’s about to break? Your computer will usually give you hints about what is wrong. Here are the common signs your computer needs repair, sooner rather than later.

1. It’s running slow

Most people assume their computer is running slow because it’s aging. But it could actually be a variety of reasons. A program behaving bad, a virus, overheating or even a failing hard drive can all cause a massive slow down. You might notice it when booting up or starting a program. Or the problem may have taken hold to the extent that even moving your mouse becomes torture. Sometimes the slow speed is due to some newer software that your hardware can’t keep up with.

2. Your system is running hot

A very common sign with laptops, running hot can be both the sign and cause of damage. Computers have fans to blow out hot air so they can cool off their internal components. At the same time, fresh air flows in through vents to create an effective cooling system. Computer vents clogged with dust and pet fur, will cause the components to overheat. Desktop computers have more space inside to circulate air, but vents still need to be clear. Your computer is too hot if it shuts down often. Other signs of a hot computer is if the fan is working serious overtime, or your laptop is too hot to use on your lap.

3. Blue Screens of Death are everywhere

A classic Windows error, this is a blue screen that covers your view. The system will still be running, but something has gone wrong. The blue screen will have text and an error code, often with Windows suggesting a restart. If a restart fixes your problem, something didn’t load at bootup. It’s rare, but it happens. If you’re getting blue screens all the time though, that’s a sign a hardware or software problem. Left untreated, your computer will continue to give blue screen errors. It is best to take action as soon as you know something’s wrong.

4. It’s making strange noises

Your computer has many moving parts. You’ll know by now which noises are normal, from the startup beep to the whirring fan. When your computers starts to make extra noises…that’s when things get interesting. Fans can wear down and screech or grind. Hard drives can start clicking, and in emergency cases, you might even hear a zapping noise. None of those are good! Remember that your computer parts are all designed to work together. One problem could become many if left unchecked.

5. It crashes and freezes

If your computer is crashing , restarting without you, or freezing, it’s a sure sign there’s a problem. As annoying as it might be, your computer isn’t doing this to drive you crazy – but it feels that way! Crashing and freezing are what happens when something is wrong. The problem could be almost anything, hardware and software both, but it’s always fixable. This is your computer’s final way of crying out for repair, trying to get your attention and a little TLC.

Is your computer doing these things? Let us fix it for you. Call us at 360-567-8838.

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