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Accessing My Documents from the Taskbar

I normally have several windows open on my computer and am always looking for quick and simple ways to get to files and folders. I am constantly looking up information in the “My Documents” folder, and I get tired of right clicking on the Start button, clicking on Explorer, and navigating to My Documents (actually, all my documents are stored in C:\Mary’s Stuff).

Here is what I have done to give myself quick access to “Mary’s Stuff”:

1. Right click on an empty section of the Taskbar.

2. Choose Toolbars, and the New Toolbar.

3. Navigate to the folder you want to put on the Taskbar (I would choose Mary’s Stuff, you might choose MY Documents if you use XP, or if you use Vista, you might choose Documents).

4. Click OK.

The folder shortcut you just created is now to the far right of the Taskbar, and it provides access to the entire contents of that folder. You can click on the double arrows to the right of the folder and it will pop up a window showing the folder listing.

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