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Amazon Prime Beefs Up

More movies and TV shows for all Prime members!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are in for a treat.  Amazon announced that they have signed a deal with Epix to bring you over 2000 additional movies to the service.  The deal with Epix will bring you movies from Paramont Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate.  Movies such as Thor, True Grit, Transformers and Iron Man, to name a few, will be included.re movies and TV shows for all Prime members!

Also announced is a deal with NBC Universal to bring Prime subscribers past episodes of some very popular TV shows.  Shows such as Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Heroes and Parks and Recreation.  I am thinking the day will come soon when I can drop my Netflix account and get most of my content from Amazon Prime, as well as Hulu Plus and the various network apps I use.

Now if only the Golf channel would broadcast live events on their iPad app, and the local networks would broadcast live news.  I would be set!  If this happened, my next call would be to DirecTV to turn off my subscription.

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