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Diva News 12/11/2017

Happy December 11th to you! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we woke up this morning to clear skies and sub freezing temperatures. We have been living under a blanket of sunshine for several days now, and that is something that is rare for us in December. We take it when we can get it.

Here at ComputerDiva headquarters, I have been extremely busy tending to my customers, and tending to the back end software infrastructure that runs and powers my Diva Care line of products.

I have several software products that I use to power and support Diva Care. For client management I use a piece of software specifically designed for the computer repair business. It tracks all of my clients, their requests, computers, and does all my invoicing. Diva Care Lite/Free and Managed AntiVirus all use an engine that beautifully manages those three products.

Earlier this year, those two pieces of software were merged to make one beautiful piece of software that handles it all. Last week I was busy getting ready to convert over to the new software platform, and Friday was the trigger day. The merge of the old software into the new was flawless, and I could not be happier about how it all went.

With this new software, I should be able to eventually evolve my line of Diva Care products to meet the needs and demands of my growing client base. For that opportunity, I am grateful.

A quick story about a job I did last week. And just know, I plan on bringing you stories on a regular basis, with the intention of passing along useful information that may help you better manage your relationship with your technology. So, the quick story. I had an appointment with a new client, and in the course of the appointment I did a malware scan on his computer. The malware scan found 619 pieces of malware. We talked about the fact that his Norton AntiVirus, free from Comcast, did not find this malware and it was time to change to something stronger. He made the decision to stay with Norton, as he felt it was doing an OK job.

My point in telling you this story is that the virus/malware landscape is constantly changing, and it is getting more sophisticated as time goes on. Keeping your computer safe from malware is important. Today’s malware can steal your sensitive information in a heartbeat.

With that said, so far in December I have welcomed 5 customers into the world of Diva Care. Thank you so much for placing your computer in my hands to safeguard.

I have a busy week coming up at ComputerDiva headquarters. I am in my office 4 days this week, Mon-Tue-Wed and Fri. I am available for phone calls or remote appointments. Feel free to visit my website to set up an appointment.

Have a great day!

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