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DivaBits 10-8-2013

Don’t Get Scammed!

Hang up when Microsoft Calls

If your phone rings, and it is someone claiming to be Microsoft, hang up.  Don’t even listen to them.  I am getting reports on a daily basis of clients being called by “Microsoft”, telling them that their computer has a virus.  They go on to state that they can clean it for $149, and if it is not cleaned, their computer will cease to function.

The Horrible Results

First of all, it is not Microsoft calling you. Microsoft does not care what is on your computer.  Nor do they know whether or not you have a virus.  You are being scammed by organized crime in Eastern Europe.

Second, once they get onto your system, they will put a keylogger onto your computer.  A keylogger basically tracks all your keystrokes.  The first time you go to your banking website and login, the scammers now have your login and password.  They will then proceecd to clean out your bank account.

Be smart and don’t get scammed.  Hang up when Microsoft calls.

Vacation Time

It is almost time for ComputerDiva to go on vacation!

Yes, as a company of one, or a solopreneur, as it can frequently be called, it can sometimes be difficult to take a little bit of much needed R&R.

I usually try and do a bit of vacationing in the Fall, and this year is no exception.  I will be on vacation from Friday October 25th, through Sunday, November 3rd.

I will take emergency calls during that time, and I will have technology with me, if the need arises to log into your computer remotely and do a fix.  But lets all think positive thoughts that for this timeframe, nothing will go wrong with your computers!

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