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Excellent Customer Service

First, let me say it has been way too long since I posted anything on this blog. I am ramping up and plan to be much more consistent. 🙂

For those of you who are customers, you know from my recent email that I purchased an iPhone last Friday. Let me say, that after using the iPhone for 72 hours, I will never switch to another phone. The iPhone sets the standard for what cell phones should be like, how they should function, and how they should be easy to use.

Today, I went into the Apple store at Pioneer Place to talk to someone about an app I can download for managing my to-do list, as well as to purchase a car charger. Going to be on the road a lot in the next month and cannot imagine a dead battery in the iPhone.

I was treated royally by the employees at the Apple store, and they gave me several suggestions for a To-Do app. I have not had time to try any of them yet, but will do so in the next few days.

After picking out a car charger, I expected the Apple guy to point me to a check-out counter. No, instead he had a little hand held device that he used to swipe the car charger and to swipe my debit card. He then asked me if I wanted the receipt printed or emailed to me. Of course, I chose email, and within seconds my iPhone beeped to notify me the receipt was in my inbox.

I have been in that Apple store several times now and have never had to wait to talk to anyone. All my questions have been answered, and if someone did not know the answer, they found someone who did.

More companies should do business this way.

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