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Firefox 16 is Here

If Firefox is not a web browser you use, it should be. In my opinion, it is more secure than Internet Explorer, and much faster.

With that said, version 16 is now out and available to download here.  If you already have Firefox, your computer will automatically be updated.  How does this process work?  Read on:

The next time you open Firefox, the update will be automatically downloaded in the background.  You will be prompted to restart Firefox to install the update.

You can always manually check for updates by clicking on the Help menu at the top, and then select About Firefox.  Firefox will then begin checking for an update.

How can you disable automatic updates?  I knew some of you would ask that.  Clcik on the Tools Menu, and then Options.  Select the Advanced Tab, and then click on the Update Tab.  On this page you have the option to deselect Automatically Install Updates.

If you do not have the Menu Bar at the top, which shows the File, Edit, Tools, Help, and other options, simply right click anywhere in a blank space at the top to the right of your Tabs, and then make sure Menu Bar has a check on it.

Happy Browsing!

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