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Get a bigger keyboard for your iPhone

It appears as if the iPhone 3 has hit the marketplace with a bang. Over one million of them were sold the first weekend they were released.

I now have friends with the ubiquitous device, so I will be including tips and tricks for it in my blog. I know, I don’t have one, but someday I might. So begins my education, and yours, on the various things you can do with your iPhone.

When you get ready to do data entry on your iPhone, you simply tap the Safari address bar to bring up the keyboard. However, rotating the iPhone horizontally prior to tapping the Safari address bar will make the onscreen keyboard appear horizontally, and it will be bigger! Just so you know, Safari is the only iPhone application at the moment where the horizontal keyboard will appear.

For those of you hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for my next Firefox tip, I plan on having one tomorrow. 🙂

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