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Google just will not stop!

The folks over at Google have been extremely busy. I can’t help but think that Google must be a really cool place to work. This week they launched two beta programs that I am extremely interested in: Chrome – just when you thought the browser wars had enough players, in comes Google with their browser offering – Chrome. Chrome is billed as minimal in design, yet sophisticated in technology. I am intrigued by Chrome, mainly because it is the talk of the Internet right now. I follow a lot of technology blogs. . . . .and they are all abuzz about Chrome. I am talking dozens of posts on a daily basis. I plan on downloading it soon and taking a look. Picasa – I have used a lot of programs for photo organization and editing, and hands down, Google Picasa has been my favorite. Version 3, Beta was just released and I downloaded and installed it tonight. I have not had a chance to play with it, but will be taking a trip next week to the land of Disney, which should give me an opportunity to take a few photos and test it out. I have encouraged many of you to install and use Picasa, which you have eagerly. I will keep you posted and let you know my thoughts after I have had a chance to use it.

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