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How to Maintain Your Computer (Without Lifting a Finger!)

For a device that’s supposed to make life easier, computers sure do involve a lot of work! Most people push ahead and forget the routine maintenance until something breaks. Of course, the problem with being reactive is the damage is already done. Photos and files get lost forever in a crash, and information gets stolen in a hack…by then it’s far too late. It’s a bit like closing the gate after the horses have already fled. This is where proactive people come out on top. Thousands are using managed services to handle computer maintenance. It’s a done-for-you maintenance program we offer, and here’s why it’s the best choice.

You’re always up to date. It seems like every second day there’s some new and urgent update waiting to install. Whether they’re patching security flaws or adding new features, they seem endless. Sometimes, it goes beyond inconvenient, it gets overwhelming! Diva Care, makes sure your computer’s updates install behind the scenes. Updates should make your experience more secure and more enjoyable!

You’ve got super anti-virus. The best anti-virus is the one that’s up-to-date and running. Yet it is amazing how many people switch it off or never let it update. You might be in the habit of scanning files and browsing safely. But, others in your home might not have the same priorities. Diva Care ensures your anti-virus is always running and dealing with any viruses it finds. As soon as a new virus becomes known, we make sure your system protects against it. We also watch for cyber-attacks and can alert you before they become a problem.

Your hardware stays healthy. Diva Care monitors the health of your hardware and looks for early warning signs of failure. If detected, we can let you know in advance. This means it gets repaired before a big issue crops up, including a costly data loss.

You never miss a backup. The worst part of a crash or hack isn’t the financial cost, it’s losing your files forever. Photos, reports, family recipes. All items that you would be heartbroken to lose, are protected with Diva Care and Diva Backup. Backed up files are ready to go when you are, and losing files to corruption, failure or theft is a thing of the past.

Support is a phone call away. Have a new printer and it won’t play nice? Got a weird error popping up? Your laptop won’t talk to the wifi? Our remote support team can help. Advice is a phone call away, and our team can remotely connect to diagnose and fix many problems. Have your computer maintained in your home, without taking it to the repair shop.

You’re always optimized. Diva Care monitors your event logs, services and processes, looking out for anything that needs correction. This means we’re stopping problems before they get to you. Making sure that when you sit down to use your computer, it’s doing exactly what you want.

Put computer problems behind you – get managed services today. Call us at 360-567-8838

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