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Jerry Seinfeld to tout Windows Vista

Microsoft is concerned about the image of Windows Vista. They say sales are booming (of course they are, the consumer has no choice of what operating system to purchase).

The business world is slow to adopt Vista. Why? Because in a business environment, Windows Vista is high maintenance. I used it for about 6 months, but got tired of the security windows constantly popping up asking my permission to do what I had just requested. I downgraded to XP (but hardly consider it a downgrade)

So, Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are going to be doing some ads together to try and boost the image of Vista and sell more software. My suggestion. . . . . .fix the items in the software that are causing it’s image to go downhill to begin with.

Vista is a good solid base, and for the home user it works just fine. I just do not have time to deal with the little annoying things that it throws my way. My days are jam packed. . . .most of the time I eat lunch at my desk, yada yada yada, you all know the drill here.

I am looking forward to what comes AFTER Vista. If my selected industry of choice in my day job would adopt a Mac platform, I would be all over it.

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