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Let’s Have Some Fun!

I am a fan of any kind of program that can provide me with useful or fun information. I have been using Yahoo Widgets for a few years now, and find them quite useful. . . .and fun! Yahoo Widgets used to be called Konfabulator (before Yahoo bought them out).

Yahoo Widgets are small specialized desktop applications that provide easy access to frequently used functions or provides some visual information (according to Wikipedia). In other words, cute little desktop accessories. Examples are: Weather forecast for your zip code, stock tickers, PGA Golf Leaderboard – updated in real time, world clock, iTunes control center, and web cams. The possibilities can go on and on.

For example, one of my favorite widgets I have on my desktop is an analog clock. Why, since there is a clock on the taskbar? I really prefer an analog clock as opposed to a digital clock. It shows the time, the date, and has a moving second hand.

The other widget I have on my desktop shows the local weather forecast for the next five days.

The widget I show here has the weather forecast for Vancouver, WA between now and Thursday. Unfortunately, this widget does not have the “Magic Wand” plugin that allows me to make sure there are more Sun graphics than Rain graphics. 🙂

Yahoo widgets will work on Windows and Mac platforms, and are very easy to install. Visit to get started. Simply click on the “Get Started” link at the right of the page do download the Widgets program, which includes the getting started packet of widgets.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2, 2000 SP4 Windows Vista Mac OSX 10.3.9 and up

Yahoo! Recommends Internet connection 512 megabytes of RAM

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5 includes Adobe® Flash® 9

Have fun!

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