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Light up you CD’s with LightScribe

For those of you that burn CD’s or DVD’s, are you getting tired of putting sticky labels on them to identify what the contents are? Are you getting lightheaded from the fumes that the Sharpie emits?

I answered YES to both of the above. Fortunately, I have an answer for you. I happen to be using a laptop right now that has a LightScribe enabled CD/DVD burner installed. I have ignored it for months, as I have had other priorities (mainly. . . . .golf. . . . . .and work as a secondary priority. . . . . gotta earn the money to play golf!).

Today, I have spent some time working in my home office, cleaning it up, getting organized and I finally decided to experiment with the LightScribe. Well, that necessitated a trip to Best Buy to purchase some LightScribe enabled CD-R discs. I actually made it out of Best Buy without purchasing anything except for the 25 pack of CD’s I had planned on purchasing. No iPod accessories, no phone accessories, and no computer toys. I did, however, go over to the appliance department and kinda drool over a new washer/dryer combo. Mine are getting a bit old, and have been repaired a few times. . . . . . . . .sigh.

Back to the LightScribe. LightScribe uses laser technology to burn labels directly onto your CD’s or DVD’s, eliminating the need for paper labels or Sharpie pens (Sorry Sharpie. . . .you make a great pen, but the odor is a bit much). Your labels can be whatever you want them to be. Create one-of-a-kind designs with your own photos, text, and artwork using your label-making software. Or choose from the many free backgrounds the software provides.

What you will need:

1. LightScribe enabled disc drive

2. LightScribe software. This comes bundled in with the hardware you purchase.

3. LightScribe CD’s and DVD’s. They have a special coating that interacts with the laser in your LightScribe enabled hardware. LightScribe label designs appear grayscale (like a black-and-white photograph). LightScribe CDs come in gold, yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. Currently, LightScribe DVDs only come in gold. LightScribe media works in any LightScribe drive.

So, if you are like me and you are tired of paper labels and Sharpie odors, run out and get yourself a LightScribe enabled drive.

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