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Limitless Potential

Today, I meet with the surgeon to get the full pathology report from last Friday’s surgery. I view this as a formality, as I already know the gist of the pathology report. I think it important though that I listen to the full report, and then thank the surgeon. I need to thank her for respecting my decision to approach this surgery on MY terms, and not the normal decision path taken by many people. I will give this meeting with the surgeon my full attention, and my full respect.  I will then consider this chapter of my life completed.

With that said, I now have the  joy of knowing that what will unfold for me in the future, is limitless.  I look forward to seeing how each day, from now on, unfolds.

I KNOW that my steadfast belief in the power of positive thinking played a large part in getting me through the past few months.    If positivity was able to get me through a difficult situation, just imagine what my mind and my heart can create for the future.

I thought 2014 was a fabulous year.  But I truly believe 2015 is going to blow 2014 right out of the water!

With LOVE my friends.

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