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Mac vs. Windows

I came across an interesting article this morning and thought I would share the stats. We all know that Microsoft Windows has dominated the market. Apple has always had a fantastic product, but just did not know how to market themselves. Apple made a statement when it introduced the iPod. That statement was the fact that they intended to infiltrate the marketplace anywhere and everywhere it could.

Apple has been hugely successful with this effort. Webmetrics firm NetMarketShare released figures for August showing that the Mac OS X platform has overtaken Windows Vista in worldwide usage. Mac OS X has a 7.13 percent of the market share, while Windows Vista has 6.15 percent. Now, in and of itself, I am not surprised with this figure at all. Most of us know that Windows Vista was one of the worst operating systems ever invented. Only Windows ME can come close to being the worst. So it is no surprise that Mac has overtaken Windows Vista.

And, finally, Windows 7 has overtaken Windows XP as being the most popular operating system on the planet.  I love Windows 7, but I also love Mac OS X.  I predict that Mac OS X will gain even more market share once Windows 8 is in general release.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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