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Mercury in Retrograde – Be Patient with your Technology

Mercury is in Retrograde

On Saturday, October 4th, Mercury will go in retrograde.  This basically means that Mercury will appear to be traveling backwards in the sky.  I say appear because planets do not travel backwards.  It is simply the position of Mercury relative to the Sun and the speed of the sun’s travels that actually makes Mercury look like it is doing a moon walk.

The planet Mercury is associated with communication and travel.  Because of this, it has been traditionally experienced that computers will tend to go wacky while Mercury is in retrograde.  For instance, emails may go undelivered, phone calls may drop, your computer may seem like it is walking through sludge and be super slow, and the list goes on.

I would suggest that the next three weeks you be super diligent about backing up the data on your computer.  Make sure you also check to see that the backup is running.  Mercury will go direct again on October 25th.  Have patience with your technology and just go with the flow.  If you allow computer glitches to stress you out, it will only get worse.  We attract what we think, so in the next three weeks, try to keep your mental state concerning your electronics as positive as possible.

I would also caution you NOT to make any major technology purchases the next three weeks.  If you do, double and triple check the receipts and make sure you know what the warranty is.

Because Mercury is the planet of communication, you may find that personal or business relationships may experience a few hiccups in the next three weeks.  I know for myself, I am experiencing that already.  Be patient, and really try to treat everyone with love.  Know that others may try and draw you into their drama.  Don’t let that happen.

Try to just coast through the next three weeks with love and patience for everything technological!

Happy Friday everyone.

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