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Restore Your Depleted Energy

I woke up this morning knowing that my energy levels were critically low, and that I needed to spend part of my day rejuvenating them. With a busy week facing me, I NEED to make this a priority.

We all have different ways of increasing our energy levels, but here is what I do. I begin by drinking a big glass of water. Then I ground myself and pull energy into myself from the earth. Here is how I do that:

I find a comfortable chair, and I sit with my feel flat on the floor. I close my eyes, take in a deep breath, and then exhale. When you exhale, imagine all of your thoughts going out with that breath. Repeat this until you have cleared your mind.

Next, imagine that your feet have roots attached to them, and the roots extend deep into the earth. Mentally, begin to pull the earth energy from the very tips of the roots, up into the bottom of your feet. You may feel your feet start to tingle or feel warm.

Pull the energy up into your ankles, then your calves, and up into your thighs. Feel the energy traveling up through your body to the top of your head. Feel it exit the top of your head, swirl around, and then descend back into your head. As the energy is traveling through your body, it may feel as if each cell in your body is dancing.

As the energy descends back into your head, then feel it travel down into your neck and out to both of your shoulders. Then feel it travel down into your arms, and finally your hands. Remember to keep a steady rhythm of breathing deeply in and exhaling.

Once you feel fully energized, open your eyes. It is amazing how just a few minutes of doing this will replenish your energy levels.

You can do this just about anywhere, at any time, if you feel your energy getting low. Oftentimes, I will do this as I am working on a computer. Everything is energy, and many times, while working on a computer that is slow and sluggish, I will do this energy exercise with my hands resting on the keyboard. I mentally picture the energy leaving my hands and entering the computer, breathing new life into it.

Try it!

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