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Self Care

Everyone experiences the holidays in their own, unique way. Some sail through it easily, while others struggle to fit everything in, and as a result end up exhausted, wondering what is the point of making sure you fit everything and every one into the season.

Others, struggle through the season with heavy burdens on their shoulders. Money issues, depression, substance abuse issues. The list is long.

Self care right now is so very important. My reason for needing a little TLC is so very tiny compared to many. I have tons of clients wanting a piece of my time, and I have many wonderful friends wanting my company at holiday events. I am so LUCKY!

This past week of gratefully serving my clients, and joyfully attending holiday celebrations, has left me a bit drained. I have set aside a morning of self care for myself. I will be taking a water aerobics class shortly, followed by a pedicure. Both heavenly activities. This will rejuvenate me so that this afternoon I can once again venture out to serve my customers.

In addition to self care, we must also remember to offer some love to those who are less fortunate than us. Find the cause that you want to contribute to and just do it! This is a season of giving, but you cannot give to your fullest potential if you dont give just a little to yourself first.

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