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Sodalite: An amazing way to shield yourself from Computer Smog!

Are you one of those people who gets near a computer and either it wigs out for no reason, or you feel funky and weird in it’s presence?

Computers emit what is called “electromagnetic smog”, and it can really have adverse affects on your body. Electronics can emit a low level of radiation that over time can possibly cause damage.

In my office I have 3 laptops, each with an attached monitor, and one desktop, also with a monitor. I have 2 cell phones, and two tablets as well. Hey, a diva has to have her toys, right? Each of these items emits a certain amount of electromagnetic smog.

To protect myself, I am using what some would call unconventional means. I have placed a piece of Sodalite on each laptop to absorb the electromagnetic smog. Sodalite crystals are know for their effectiveness for absorbing that smog and protecting you from the harm possibly caused by all the electronics.

I also keep a sodalite crystal in my pocket when I go out on appointments, to shield me from my clients electronics. You can also use Black Tourmaline to absorb the electromagnetic smog.

Every few weeks you will want to run these crystals under a stream of cold water, to clean them out.

In the greater Portland/Vancouver area, you can get these crystals at Ed’s House of Gems, Celestial Awakenings, New Awakenings, or the New Reniassance Bookshop.

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