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Take Back Control: Why Mixing Work and Personal Emails Puts Your Business at Risk

When your business gets bigger, so does the amount of important stuff that goes through everyone's emails every day. Think about all the business deals, contracts, and customer info that you send and receive. Email is super important for your business. But do you really have control over all that important info?

A lot of big businesses have a big problem: they're not really watching how their workers use email for work stuff. Why? Because many people find it easier to just use their personal email accounts, like Gmail or Outlook, instead of their official work email.

Mixing work emails with personal ones might seem like no big deal. But when you really think about it, there are some serious risks that you can't ignore.

You Can't See What's Going On With Your Info

Using personal email for work means your IT team can't see what's happening with your important business info. They have no clue how it's being stored, sent, or accessed. This is a big deal because one wrong move could put all your secret business info in danger.

No Security or Rules

If you're not keeping a close eye on things, you can't make sure your emails are safe, check for dangers, keep backups, or follow rules that are important for keeping info safe. Personal emails are outside of your control, which means all your important data is unprotected against hackers and other threats. And if you're not following the rules, you could get in big trouble.

Imagine if someone hacked into an employee's personal email. You wouldn't be able to stop bad guys from getting to important files and business secrets. This could put everything at risk, including your customers' privacy and your business's secret sauce.

Trouble with the Law

If your business has to follow strict rules, like if you're in healthcare or finance, you have to prove you're keeping sensitive data safe. If your emails are all over the place in personal accounts, that's a big problem.

Also, if your business ever gets into legal issues, it's a nightmare if you can't get to emails because they're in someone's personal account. You might not even have the right to see those emails, even if it's for business.

Secrets Could Get Out

Without rules, your business secrets could accidentally or on purpose get leaked. Personal emails can easily get tricked by phishing attacks, which could steal your cool ideas. And even after someone leaves your company, their old email could still leak info.

How to Fix It

The best way to solve this is by having a strong, centrally managed work email system. This makes sure your business has control over its important info. It keeps your data, conversations, and secrets safe.

It's time to get control back over your business's info. Give us a call today at 360-567-8838 to talk about how moving your email to our system can keep your business safe and sound. Take back control easily and securely.

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