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The Best Way to Reach Me

My business is growing, and it has become a challenge for me to keep up with the processing of your requests. I currently get requests via phone, email, text messages, Facebook private messages, and sometimes Twitter. You are all so resourceful!

Recently, I hired the folks over at Ruby Receptionists to handle incoming phone calls when I am with customers. I feel it important for you to actually speak to someone when you need help, instead of getting voice mail. Ruby has done a fantastic job, and I have gotten many compliments on their service.

My goal is to respond to all of your requests, if not in real time, soon thereafter. When I have several places to check for incoming requests, it becomes difficult.

Communication Yes!

With that said, here are the ways I would like you to use to submit a request:

Phone: Please call 360-567-8838.  A human will answer the phone between the hours of 5 AM and 6 PM, Mon-Fri. It will either be Ruby or myself. Outside of those hours, you will receive voice mail. Ruby lets me know right away when a caller leaves a message.If you do happen to leave a message with Ruby, please let her know how I can help you.

Email: If you prefer to send your request via email, please use This email address funnels into my tracking system, which I use to log all requests, and communicate with you via email about the request, It keeps me organized and leaves me more time to fix your issue.

Communication No (Please)

I love the fact that so many of you are reaching out for support. However, please do not use text messages, Facebook private messages, or Twitter to reach me. Those forms of communication are not really on my radar during the day when I am working. I sometimes don’t read any of these mediums until the evening when I am home.

Thank you!

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