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The Power of the Universe

For a few days now I have been struggling to figure out a solution to a problem. It involves something I have to pay for by the end of January.

I applied every practical idea to the problem, but it just was not coming together for me. I then tried to remain positive about the issue, knowing that if I turned to worry, that is what the universe will deliver right back to me. A bucket full of what I don’t want. Worry does not solve anything.

Finally, on Sunday, I turned it over to the universe and admitted that I do not have the answer. Not only did I turn it over, I trusted fully that the issue will be taken care of and resolved.

This morning, I received a call from a potential client, who was referred to me months ago, and is now getting around to calling. He is looking for a new computer consultant, and after chatting for about 1/2 hour, he asked if he could pre-pay for 10 hours of my time.

Yikes! In fact, my phone has been ringing off the hook all day with people who need technology assistance. Turning an issue over to the universe, and then trusting and having faith that the issue will be resolved, so works!

NEVER doubt the power of the universe.

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