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Things I have found interesting. . . .

Stolen Laptops – Dell recently funded a survey to find out the extent of the so-called “lost laptop” issue. 16% of professionals polled by the survey company said that if their laptops were “lost when travelling on business”, they would do “nothing”. Nothing? Not even a trip to the airport lost and found? If I lost my laptop, I would be searching high and low. However, in an airport I never let my laptop out of my possession, so I cannot imagine losing it. The survey uncovered the fact that 12,000 laptops are lost in airports each week. I would love to know what these 12,000 people are doing when they “lose” their laptops. Windows XP – According to USA Today, Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP to retailers and major computer makers on Monday. Once inventory clears of computers with Windows XP, purchasers will have to purchase a copy of Vista Ultimate or Vista Business and legally downgrade to Windows XP. I love Windows XP, and have no real beef against Vista, except for the tight security. Now we have Windows 7 to look forward to. . . . .development is well underway at Microsoft. Oh, the circle of life goes on and on. iPhone – On July 11th, AT&T will begin selling two new models of the iPhone for $199 & $299, depending on the amount of memory, with a two year contract. No-contract versions will sell for $599 and $699 respectfully, depending on the amount of memory. Buyers would go on a month-to-month service plan with AT&T. The no-contract phones will be “locked” to work only o AT&T’s network, as will the contract phones. Hmmm . . . . .I have to wonder why you would pay an extra $400 for a phone without a contract, when you cannot change providers? If you are locked into AT&T, why not get the phone for $400 cheaper and go ahead and lock into a two year contract?

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