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Upcoming Technology Events

What will be in YOUR shopping cart this fall?

We are heading into the season of technology product announcements, just in time for holiday shopping.  Here is a roundup of what new product announcements you can expect to be seeing in the next few weeks:


Amazon is holding a press conference on September 6th in Santa Monica, CA.  The expected announcement is for the second generation Kindle Fire.  The original Kindle Fire is sold out on the Amazon website, and you can only find them in retail stores.  Rumors are flying around about what new features the new Kindle Fire may have, but I will save my speculation for Sep 6th and bring you the facts as they unfold.


Apple has an event planned for September 12th, and the iPhone 5 is expected to be announced.  I would also expect the announcement of the IOS 6 release date to coincide with the iPhone 5 announcement.  Again, rumors. . .need I say more?  I will, however, have more to say on Sep 12th.


Nokia is expected to announce its new Windows Phone line on September 5th.

As soon as more details are given, I will make sure I post them on this blog.

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