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We MUST Embrace Everyone – Just Be Love

Today, I went to see the move, The Imitation Game.  It is the true story of a brilliant British mathematician, who was instrumental in cracking the code of the German Enigma machine.  He built a very primitive computer that eventually allowed the Germans to be defeated.  He was considered the father of computer science.

He was also Gay.  In 1952 he was prosecuted for homosexual acts, and convicted.  He was given the choice of prison, or chemical castration.  He chose the chemical castration, and after a year of treatment, he committed suicide.

It struck me as so incredibly sad that someone had to make a choice of prison or chemical treatment, just because of who he was.  As a society, we have gone through some incredibly dark times in history, and our treatment of those who are “different” has been deplorable.

Historically, being different in this world has never been easy, and I am in awe of those who stand up for who they are and what they believe in.  Even if it goes against what society deems as acceptable behavior.

I myself, have had some wonderful relationships with both men and women, and walking that road has never been easy.  It has been like walking a tightrope 100 stories above the street.    No more.  Seeing this movie, and learning the story of the man who was the founder of my chosen profession and passion, moved me like nothing else has in a long time.

I have gone through a great shift in my life in the past year, and I feel many others on this earth going through a similar shift.  It is time for us as humans, to set aside our differences and exist on this planet in love and harmony.

The fighting has got to stop.

The political agendas, for the sake of gaining power and wealth over others, has got to stop.

The oppression of the weak and those living in poverty has got to stop.

The violence has got to stop.

Instead, we all MUST look within ourselves and dig deep into the well to find our compassion, and our love for ourselves and others.

The ONLY thing that matters in this universe is LOVE.  It is the only thing that exists.  Everything else is just ego.  It is ego that has gotten our world into the mess it is in.  We all MUST concentrate on LOVE.  It is that simple.

I wake up every morning and give thanks for the day that I have been given.  I go to bed every night and give thanks for the wonderful day I just experienced.  In between, I try to go through the day with a simile on my face, love in my heart, and gratitude for what I am experiencing in the moment.  I can think of no better way to go through life.

Won’t you all join me?

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