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Weight Tracking Made Easy with Quicklog

If you are like me, you are tired of using computer programs or tablet/smartphone apps to track what you eat, calorie content, and nutritional content.  It is way too much work.

I simply want to track my weight every day, and I want to do it fast and simple.  I ran across this app in the iTunes store, tried it and like it.

It is called Quicklog.  You simply weigh yourself whenever you wish (I find I weigh less in the morning), and the app keeps a running chart of your weight.  It also calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), and your ideal weight.  It will set that as your goal.

It is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs through iPhone 5, iPod Touch 3rd through 5th generations, and all iPad’s.  It is optimized for iPhone 5, and requires IOS 4.3 or later.

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